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The Mission​

Chici Baby's Consignment & Style Boutique

"A high end consignment boutique with low end prices"

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Chici Baby's provides individuals with a classy, cost effective opportunity to surround themselves with unique and classic style, and  to also retrieve some of the money they've spent on fashion & style over the years.


Ultimately, Chici Baby's strives to...

  • Assist every woman/man in their efforts to experience his or her own unique style;
  • Provide money making opportunities to our consignors;
  • Recognize the value of the past and the importance of the bridge to the future; to provide our clients with the ability to walk that bridge in a manner that excites them by adding to their ability while responsibly utilizing their hard earned dollars. 
  • Do so in a manner sufficient to provide community youth with valuable work experience and to provide disenfranchised individuals with work opportunities sufficient to sustain their households and to provide for the basic human right of health care.


Chici Baby's seeks to meet our vision and purpose by providing an exclusive, love-centered, community enhancing boutique environment which reminds us that brand new with a higher price does not equal higher style.

"Chici Baby's is not the place to shop if you want to look like everyone else".

"Put some Chici Baby's Style in your closet and some Chici Baby's money in your pocket...and get some peace in your purchase".